JOY Education Channel – JoyTalk Interviews:

Lilika Teu
Founder of BYS & IKace

Palo Alto High School Speech & Debate Students
“How Speech & Debate help with College Applications?”

BeNative Intro

Pyze – Growth Intelligence for Every App

Growth Intelligence Explorer

BeNative – Golf English

BeNative – Taxi English

Attached one GoPro to the dash and clipped another to the passenger head rest to get the 2nd shot of the passenger

KarFarm –  2015 Rebrand Video Campaign

Journey to SXSW with AmtrakLive

CES 2014 – Brand Ambassador for Seagate & Lacie

Summer Girls Programming Indiegogo Campaign

HACKtivation for the Homeless

Pop17 and Central YMCA girls participated in this ongoing hackathon for the homeless. Helping other nonprofits and homeless shelters to jumpstart their websites or make new mobile applications to help the homeless.


Safe For Women: Glide Women Overcoming Violence

Our app is meant to serve all homeless women involved in violence in need. If they need emergency assistance or just someone to talk too Safe For Women is available to help.

Gangnam Dishcrawl

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