BeGlobal – Expanding into Asia

IMG_3019 (1)

The most intimidating yet exhilarating feeling was speaking at the beGlobal event in San Francisco. It was my first time to ever present in front of an audience over 200 and walking up to the stage my nerves were through the roof, but once I got into the rhythm there was nothing holding me back.

If you want to know more about BeNative Asia and how we can help you expand into Asia check out my pitch deck & BeNative.Asia

Movie Poster for Short Film: “Touch of Essence”


The director of this short film is a friend who has helped with directing and shooting KarFarm promo videos. The synopsis of the short:

Kathy and Andy began as college sweethearts many years ago. When Andy’s heart condition threatens to end his life, Kathy sets out to find a herb that could save him. She faces a threatening wilderness while Andy confronts his own dangers.

After watching the short myself, the actress stood out as the main character and her main goal was the retrieve the flower/herb to save her husband. That’s why I decided to create her silhouette and place the herb as the background. Would love critiques and suggestions to the edit!

I will share his short once it is released!

Face swapping with Photoshop!


Having a little too much fun at work, but couldn’t resist. Finding our own way to break the internet. Swapping the faces of Kim Jong Un to my co-worker Ed. Newly updated Photoshop has definitely stepped their game with photo matching and blending. I didn’t do too much to the photo just did the necessary cutting, but the color matching was all Photoshop!

Hope you enjoy!